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If you are looking for a land for a campsite or dog run hand over

management know-howand

I yield.

This is important for dock runs and campground operations

Service contents

As of 2023, we will transfer the know-how that has made two successful campsites on the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture to those who are looking for land that can be used for campsite sites and dock run sites currently owned by the operating company. This is a site that gives you the opportunity to







Disposal of campsite site and dog run site

I'm a bubble warrior When the bubble ended, all of the bubble money was exchanged for about 300 forests all over Japan. The reason for this is that most forests are not taxed. Moreover, I have an eye for mountains and forests. I don't buy useless piles. I am also over 83 years old. I can't take the forest with me to the other world, so I'll dispose of everything at cost. Therefore the sale price is very low.

Moreover, since it is a forest that I particularly chose, it has high utility value.

In other words, it is ideal for campsite sites or dog run sites.

A. Good location (easy to attract customers)

B. Good roads and easy access

C. Fully equipped with water and electricity

D. Blessed with a natural environment

E. Good terrain

F. Wide land


All the above conditions are met.

This is the same for campsites and dog runs.

It is essential for a profitable business.

Furthermore, it is know-how of design, management and advertising.

I have a track record. Please see the HP of the campsites "Amagi Kogen Auto Campsite" and "Amagi Sky Run Campsite" where I have succeeded.

There is one more thing. It means "do not spend money". Everyone who fails is spending too much money. It is to make use of nature as much as possible and avoid wasteful capital investment.

I, a successful person, will teach you know-how for free.

Come study at my campsite.

We will teach you all the know-how of design, construction, and advertising.

I am the owner of all the land I recommend from now on. He is the president of all companies. Also, it is not possible to fully explain the land for these campsites and dog runs on the web. Please feel free to call me.


I will tell you in detail. It is direct 090-3331-6636 (Iwai).

For inquiries in English, please email us


Specifically, we will also show you the asset plan and income plan for each campsite site and dog run site plan. I will show you in detail how much it will cost and how much it will sell. Please use it as a reference for campsite and dog run management.

Sales will vary greatly depending on the number of campsite sites and how many sites are installed.

This depends on the funds of the buyer. I will consult with you in detail. ​

Please feel free to contact Amagi Auto Camp Co.,Ltd.


Send completed.

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