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Hokkaido's Niseko area boasts some of the best powder snow in the world

A private ski resort in Japan.

43,989㎡ (36 million yen)

I, the owner, have purchased 300 pieces of mountain land nationwide over 50 years. However, now that I have reached the age of 83, I have decided to sell them all and . Due to this reason for selling, I have set the prices at a reasonable level.

The Niseko area is famous for its high-quality powder snow, attracting numerous tourists from around the world. It is made up of 3 towns, Niseko Town, Kutchan Town and Rankoshi Town, and now  is a popular tourist destination.

According to the roadside land prices announced by the National Tax Agency in July 2020 (as of January 1, 2020), Niseko Town has achieved the top position in terms of the increase rate among approximately 320,000 standard residential land locations across the country.

In addition, according to the publicly disclosed land prices released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in March 2020, Kutchan Town in the Niseko area has achieved the top position in Japan for five consecutive years, with the Niseko area occupying the first and second positions in terms of the increase rate. This area is highly popular for real estate investments both domestically and internationally, as Shinkansen (bullet train) is expected to be in operation in 2030 and also based on the expectation that it will be selected as a ski venue if the Winter Olympic Games are held in Japan.

[Private ski resort like a dream in Niseko area]

In Japan, the popularity of private ski resorts is still relatively low, but owning a private ski resort is considered a status symbol among affluent people overseas. Affluent people tend to have their own ski resorts to avoid crowds and spend quality time with loved ones without worrying about other people's eyes. According to a recent survey, there is a concern about collision accidents between snowboarders and skiers at ski resorts and it is an important issue. Therefore, to mitigate the risk of accidents, affluent people own a private ski resort to ensure safety and security. My land in Rankoshi is perfect for this purpose, with enough space and ideal slope for a ski resort.

Furthermore, affluent people tend to avoid crowded places, whereas the central area of Niseko has become increasingly crowded with its rising popularity, resulting in a higher frequency of accidents. To avoid this, Rankoshi is the perfect choice.
The snow quality in this area surpasses that of Niseko in both quantity and quality. There are also essential amenities for daily living, and the accessibility is excellent. These are noteworthy aspects to consider, and likely to attract interests from investors worldwide.

Unfortunately, private ski resorts are still relatively rare in Japan. In contrast, owning a private ski resort has become a status symbol for affluent people in Europe and America. As mentioned, Rankoshi Town offers superior snow quality and quantity even compared to Niseko Town, along with a tranquil living environment. This property is tailored for the affluent who love powder snow but dislike accidents and crowded places.

Also I have heard that an Australian ski instructor has purchased a 30,000㎡ site for a private ski resort in Rankoshi Town for 30 million yen.There is indeed a demand for private ski resorts in Japan and my land in Rankoshi Town offers a dream opportunity with enough space to build own log house in a private ski resort.

Certainly, during snow-free seasons, it can also be utilised for camping or golf with family and friends, making it a versatile property for various recreational activities.

*As of August 2023, the road to the site is mowed and can be reached by car.

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Materials related to land

a.Registration information

Hokkaido Niseko area real estate
Limited company Tokyo Gold corporate register (all items) 2023090100043491.jpg
Hokkaido Niseko area real estate material 2

b.Local photo

Hokkaido Niseko area real estate map map
Hokkaido Niseko area real estate map map
Hokkaido Niseko area real estate map map enlargement
Hokkaido Niseko area real estate map map enlargement 2

c. Land description (overview/image)

Popular【Niseko area]

1. There is a store (Fukao Shoten) GS near Mena Station, which is within the living area.
2. Vast forest of 43,989m².
3. 10m public road, 2km from the nearest Mena station (about 5 minutes by car).
4. Plenty of powder snow.
5. Can be used for housing, villas and hotels. (Outside metropolitan area)
6. 20-30% slope terrain ideal for dedicated private slopes.
7. 25km to Niseko Annuburi International Ski Resort.
8. Open in 2030, where the Shinkansen construction plan is located.
9. Land indication: 15-9 Mena-cho, Rankoshi-cho, Isoya-gun, Hokkaido.

(※) Land purchased 50 years ago. The Niseko area is a general term for the three towns of Rankoshi, Niseko, and Kutchan. You can check the distance from the station to the site using Google Street View images.
It is a gently sloping hill suitable for skiing rather than a mountain. The local area is miscellaneous trees and kumazasa.

Hokkaido Sapporo Niseko Area Real Estate Map Map Details

[What you can do on the private slopes]

・You can freely draw traces.
・Every day is a virgin snow.
・You can ski without worrying about other people.
・Fulfill a skier's dream!
・Perfect for lessons.
・Snow quality is the same as Niseko, but more snow than Niseko.
・Snow caves and snow eagles are also possible.

Hokkaido Sapporo Niseko area real estate usage image

For those considering the listed lands, if you would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact us by phone. If you have urgent inquiries, please feel free to contact me directly at 090-3331-6636 (Iwai in charge). We also accept inquiries via email.

Please send an email for inquiries in English.

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