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Peaceful scenery of Japan in the San'in region

The vast ​ land is ideal for campsites and dog runs.

This forest is part of a large subdivision.

When I bought it 30 years ago, it was a completely undeveloped land, but in recent years it has developed rapidly, and with the completion of JR stations, interchanges and bypasses, most of the shops in the center of Tsuyama have moved. I was.

a. This forest has been approved for development.
b. The road is about 5m wide.
c. Electricity is just around the corner.
d. Water is available in subdivisions, but it costs money, so it's cheaper to dig a well.
e. The terrain is a mountain forest with gentle undulations.

(The terrain is suitable for dog runs and camping.)

This forest is vast and has 8000m2. It is a campsite site and a dog run site that can be divided according to the buyer's request.

The price is 4,800,000 yen for a lump sum. (Of course, it can be divided)

If you have this much area, you can also have a campsite and a dog run.
Access from the center of Tsuyama City is very good, and the Innosho Interchange is also close, so access is very good, and the future potential of the land is good and development can be expected.
As mentioned above, this land is a suitable site for a carefully selected campsite and dog run. Good luck here. I will do my best to support you. In addition, this forest has a high value as an asset.

Campsites with dog runs are popular and rare.


Materials: Photos, public maps, Google Maps


Atmosphere of Local Area Can Be Watched on Youtube

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