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A quiet residential area in Higashi-Hiroshima, near the station

Ideal for fashionable campsites and dog runs.

・This land is vast. In order to develop a housing complex, we obtained a development permit and waited for 30 years. However, I won't tell you to buy this in bulk. It will be sold in 3 parts. It is not far from the center of Hiroshima city and is ideal for camping sites and dog runs. It is also suitable for operating a campsite with a dog run, which is in high demand these days. It is a very suitable site for a dog cafe with a cafe that can accommodate large dogs, as it is within the range where customers can come from the center of Hiroshima.


​・This land is forest. A development permit is required for forestry. This land is licensed.


・Access ・Location


a. 2 km from JR Shiraichi Station

b. 20 minutes from Hiroshima Airport

c. 3 km from Takashima IC on the Sanyo Expressway




There is an 8m paved road to the entrance of this land.




There is a public water supply right in front. There is also a well on site.


(The well I dug 30 years ago.)




The entrance has a flat area of about 500 m2, which can be used as a parking lot and office.


The forest that follows this flat land is a gentle hill. The top of the mountain is flat because I created it 30 years ago. The soil is smooth and sandy soil with good drainage.


​・Land size・Price


a. 3,539 m2 / 2 million yen

b. 3,660 m2 / 3 million yen

c. 6,787 m2 / 3 million yen


These are the conditions. Can be used as a campground or dog run.

Both are possible. A campsite with a dock run is also good.

Moreover, since the land is wide, both small dogs and large dogs can do dog runs.


As mentioned above, I am a pioneer of campsite and dog run management, and I recommend it with confidence.

Please succeed in this land that can be used as a campsite / dog run site. Please use my know-how.


Source: Photographs, public maps, residential maps, Google Maps

Completion rendering and income and expenditure plan

Collaboration plan for a campsite with a dog run

(1) Land cost 3 million yen (3,660 m2) + 2 million yen (3,539 m2) = 5 million yen


(2) Construction cost Dog run 2 million yen + campsite 2.5 million yen = 4.5 million yen


(1) + (2) = 9.5 million yen. * Excludes coffee shops


The point is that we do not waste construction costs, this is our technology and know-how.

we will guide you. In this case, only the actual cost will be charged.

The main feature of this land is the dog run for large dogs.


Large dogs...


(1) Very sensitive to heat.


(2) The amount of exercise is insufficient on flat ground.


Therefore, a land with gentle hills is ideal.

This land is a gentle hill that is suitable for this purpose, and there is a natural forest on this land, and there is plenty of shade to counteract the high temperature.

It is shaded in the summer, and there is sunlight in the winter because there are fallen leaves.

Perfect for large dog dog run fields.


We have enough land, so we can secure enough parking space, and we can also make a flat dog run for small dogs.


A dog cafe for customers can also be set up near the entrance.


Campgrounds where dog owners can stay with their beloved dogs have become popular in recent years, and there are still very few facilities like this.

One of the main reasons is that cheap and large land is difficult to obtain.


[Revenue plan is as follows]


①The number of sites is 30 sites, and the site usage fee for one day is 5,000 yen.


Daily sales at the site can be expected to be 30 sites x 5,000 yen = 150,000 yen.


The annual operation of the auto camp is about 50 days.


50 days of operation x 150,000 yen in daily sales = 7,500,000 yen is the estimated annual sales.


② Dog run per person @ 800 yen, 20 people = 16,000 yen per day.


Assuming that the dog run is used for 100 days a year in addition to camping,


Daily sales 16,000 yen x 100 days = 1,600,000 yen.


③ The dog cafe can expect annual sales of 500,000 yen.


Annual total sales of ①+②+③=9,600,000 yen can be expected.


Expenses are about 20% of sales.


9,600,000 yen x 0.2 = 1,920,000 yen.


9,600,000 yen - 1,920,000 yen = 7,680,000 yen is gross profit.


⚪︎The configuration of the campsite is 1 section 5m x 10m = 50㎡


50m2 x 30 sections (sites) = 1,500m2 of land is required.

In addition, 4 toilets and 3 wash basins are required.


It is important to reduce unnecessary expenses for the above construction costs.

That way, you can stay within your original budget.

This land has good access. Shiraichi Station is also close, and the surrounding road conditions and access conditions are good.

Plus, you already have electricity, a well, and you can pull in public water if you want.

In addition, the land has a development permit.

The land with all these conditions cannot be at this price.

The secret is that the land I won at auction during the bubble economy is cheap.


I don't ask for a profit of one yen from my bid price. I just want to dispose of it.


I am a professional dog run and campsite. Please ask me for more information.


We look forward to hearing from you by email or phone.

Higashi-Hiroshima Campsite/Dock Run site location relationship

Image: Positional relationship between Shiraichi Station and the site

​Image of completed campsite with dock run
Higashi-Hiroshima campsite completed rendering revised version.jpg


Atmosphere of Local Area Can Be Watched on Youtube

​*Before and after mowing the parking lot in the image

Hiroshima campground site photo
Hiroshima campground site photo after weeding
Another angle after mowing the campsite in Hiroshima
Hiroshima campsite site photo after mowing another angle 2

If you are considering any of the listed sites, please call us directly for more details, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, please call 090-3331-6636 (Mr. Iwai, who is in charge) and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. *We also accept inquiries by email.

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