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Nihonmatsu, a castle town representing Fukushima

​A campsite and dog run site that can be started immediately.

This land is the land that I completed the construction work 30 years ago and put it to sleep.
Therefore, electricity, water, and roads are complete, and the plots are all flat.
It easily becomes a campsite or a dog run. Construction costs are almost non-existent.
And access is very good. About 10 minutes by car from Nihonmatsu IC.
The roads are good as you can see in the pictures.
In addition, there is a large-scale leisure facility in front of the site where you can enjoy hot springs and sports.
This campground site/dog run site is almost ready, so if you take care of the details, you can start operating a campsite or dog run, or a campsite with a dog run from an early stage. .
The price is 2,800,000 yen for 1,500 square meters, so you can do it very easily.
Since it rarely snows, we can operate all year round.
Because this land is at an altitude of 600m, it is cool even in summer. It's the perfect temperature for a dog run.


There are currently no videos of Nihonmatsu.

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