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​Nagasaki resort overlooking Gunkanjima

Ideal for solar and wind power generation.

・This land is extremely rare. The reason for this is that in Nagasaki City, the mountains approach the sea and there is little flat land. However, land is in high demand. With the development of shipbuilding factories, trade, commerce, and tourism industries, there are many people, and the town is on a hill, so land is in short supply. Therefore, Kyushu is famous for its high rent.

-Laws and regulations on this land are lax, so it is easy to build and use a house. This is because it is outside the land planning area.

・It is a very strong land physically. The ground is strong, and it is on high ground, making it resistant to earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunamis. Even if sea level rise occurs, we will still be 100 meters above sea level.

・Furthermore, this land has power.

① There is a natural spring that has been used since ancient times, and many people used this water to live until a few years ago (now there is a public water supply system.) However, the public water supply system is not useful in the event of a disaster. yeah. If the electricity stops, the water will also stop. However, there is a spring in this land, so it is safe.


② Next is electricity. This is a suitable place where 500kw of solar power generation is possible. And here is the mecca of wind power generation. There are many wind power plants in the area.

The bottom line is that there is no land so strong with water and electricity.

・As you can see on the map, it is extremely close to the center of Nagasaki City.

-This has been the gateway to China and Asia for 100 years. Therefore, there is still a large Chinese population, and there are also many Christians.


・The reason why the development of such a good piece of land was delayed is that until 20 years ago, this town was outside Nagasaki City. Twenty years ago, this land was incorporated into Nagasaki City because Nagasaki City was running out of land. From now on, development will progress as trade to China and Asia increases.

I bought this land 30 years ago, but now that I am 83 years old, I have decided to dispose of it. Please acquire this land and make a fortune. This land can accommodate 30 to 50 single-family homes. A hotel is also possible. Take advantage of the strengths of this land.


・The 6m wide road from the prefectural road was created by me, and I own most of the ownership of this road, so I will also hand over my interest in this road.

・There is also a building on this land that I used as my office, and it has electricity and a telephone.

・The water in this office comes from a spring and is still usable. You can use public water, but I use spring water.

・Since there is electricity and water, you can also create a Chinatown.

Nagasaki real estate photography
Bus stop near Nagasaki real estate

​Bus stop on Prefectural Road 34 in front of the property

Entrance to Nagasaki real estate

entrance to property

Materials related to land

a.Local location

Time from Nagasaki Station to the site
Local location in Nagasaki
Nagasaki real estate local color

b. Registration information

Nagasaki real estate site map
Nagasaki map

c.Owner information

​Land List

Nagasaki real estate remaining land list

​*As there is a large amount of owner information and all items, please download from the link below to check.

Real estate registration materials

company registration

If you are considering any of the listed sites, please call us directly for more details. We will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact Amagi Auto Camp Co., Ltd. listed below, or if the person in charge is not available. If you are in a hurry, please call us directly at 090-3331-6636 (Mr. Iwai) and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please note that we will only be able to respond in English via email. Please feel free to contact us and one of our dedicated representatives will get back to you.


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